Plantar Warts Answer


Plantar Warts - Is there an answer for the misery?

Plantar warts are warts that are found on the bottom of the foot.  They make life miserable because walking is very painful as pressure is applied to these hard knots of skin.  The pressure causes irritation and inflammation to the nerves in the area of the wart.

Some of the plantar warts are actually embedded into the skin and appear as small holes with hard, knotty calluses in the hole.  Others, found more to the side of the foot may be actually protruding out of the surrounding skin causing irritation as the wart rubs on footwear.

Many people have to have surgery in order to even walk because the pain is so debilitating.  The surgeon will usually cut into the surrounding skin and then cut the wart out.  Sometimes this impedes the nerves in the area and though the wart is removed, pain continues for some time.  The biggest problem is that these plantar warts often return and cause even more damage.

Plantar warts often cause poor gait as the person suffering from them has to walk on the side of their foot or even on the heel.  In time this can cause more crippling problems if the plantar wart is not removed in some way.

What are the options?  First, surgery because most over-the-counter solutions will not get to the root of the problem which is a virus found under the skin.  Second, most solutions for plantar warts just provide temporary relief until the wart re-grows and often is even worse.  Preventative measures such as avoiding barefoot walking in public places or in public showers will usually keep plantar warts from occurring. 

Once the warts start occurring, it is best to treat them immediately as they grow rather quickly and the longer treatment of delayed, the more the plantar wart will grow into the skin and cause pain and misery.  So, what is an effective treatment that may be used?

There is a new therapy that has recently been discovered that may give hope to plantar wart sufferers.  The treatment involves an all natural therapy that does not include trying to melt the wart away but rather using natural products to alleviate the virus at the point of contact.  For so long even doctors did not provide any relief other than surgery and frequently they are hesitant to utilize "natural" measures.  This new method is finding some significant success and the author even offers a guarantee if the method does not work.

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